The Clarion is the monthly magazine of the parish of St Mary the Boltons.

The magazine has news about the month ahead in the parish and occasional articles by the vicar and members of the congregation.  We discuss the future, and how we can use the Church for God’s purpose.  Contributions to the Clarion should be emailed to the Parish Office by the third week of the month.

December 2020 – January 2021: Waiting for Christmas; Christmas 2020 at St Marys; Charity Quiz Night; St Marys Raffle; Christmas Cards; Advent Course; PCC Report.

November 2020: Sitting in the Waiting Area; Peace & Patience; Peace; Remembering Those Who Have Remembered Us; New PCC Member; All About GoGos; Finborough Theatre; Mutual Aid Ken & Chelsea; Bishops Teaching Evenings; Christmas Is Not Cancelled; Advent Course; St Nicholas Raffle; St Marys Christmas Cards; Charitable Pot 2020 Lives On; Kathy Mahon OBE.

October 2020: From the Vicar; Love; Joy; PCC Report; APCM; Macmillan Cancer Support;  Service for the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed; Covid-19 Tales from the Congregation.

September 2020: From the Vicar; Moving On; Truth & Reconciliation in South Africa; Sleep Out (Or In) So That Others Don’t Have To: News from Our Partner in Malawi; Bonjour de Paris; Nave Window; Harvest Thanksgiving; Covid-19 Tales from the Congregation; Electoral Roll.

July-August 2020: From the Vicar; Open for Worship from 5 July; Unction; Open for Private Prayer; Until We Open Again; RAHAB UK; Twelve Apostles in the Nave; Long Weekend in Spain During Lockdown; Quiz Night.

June 2020: Ordination & Vocation; Lockdown, Ordination & the Song of Zechariah; St Francis of Assisi’s Vocation; A Disrupted Life; British Sign Language; Lockdown in Lagos; A Lockdown Ramble; Responding to Covid-19 in Uganda & Rwanda; Bells for Grenfell; Zoom Book Group; Our New Parish Manager; Services & Other Information.

May 2020: From the Vicar; A Very Different Holy Week; Public Prayer in Private; Our Church is Closed But Not the Garden; COVID-19 and Changes of Plans; Weekly Mailing & Weekly Worship; Lent Appeal; Christian Stewardship Revisited; Food Banks; Evelyn Kyle RIP.

March 2020: This Months Theme is Marriage; Relationships; Marriage; Living & Working In Faith; What Are You Giving Up for Lent?; Keeping Holy Week; World Day of Prayer; Confirmation; Electoral Roll; Museum of the Moon at Rochester Cathedral; Miracle that is Fred Rogers; Silent Prayer; Demystifying Silent Prayer.

February 2020: The Trouble with Confirmation; Confirmation I; Confirmation II; Nativity 2019; World Day of Prayer; Lent at St Marys; 2020 Charities; Volunteering at Glass Door; January PCC Meeting; Church Heating; Budget & Stewardship; Contactless Giving; Confirmation 2020; Events at Westminster Abbey; Events at St Pauls Cathedral.

Dec 2019 – Jan 2020: Happy New Year; Once Upon a Time in David’s City; Special Services for Advent; Advent Study Group; PCC Report; Hire the Hall; Regular Giving Envelopes; How to Vote; The House in Little Chelsea.

November 2019: One Hope One Faith One Baptism; Baptising the Baby; Dear Hannah; Holy Baptism; The North; Sleeping Out; Going Sober October; Hope Gardens India; Memories of Hugh Beach; Will Writing Scheme.

October 2019: What Do You Say?; Whispering Breeze of the Eucharist; PCC Report; Choral Evensong & Commemoration of the Faithful Departed; Charity Will Writing Scheme; Bishop’s Teaching Evenings; Ebb & Flow a Chelsea Perspective; Second Half Club.

September Garden Supplement: A Country Garden Once Again; Supporters; Vicar’s Welcome; Non Morris; Biblical Plants.

September 2019: Gardens, More Than Just a Background to Life; Climate Action; Unwinding; Holiday Discovery; Ruth Lock; Harvest Thanksgiving; Sleep Out to Give Others Shelter; Refettorio Felix; Lifeboats Concert; Celine Hispiche Performance; MacMillan Coffee Morning; Sing to Live Live to Sing; Charity Suggestion Time; Second Half Club.

July-August 2019: To Promote Social Justice; An Experience of Social Justice; Summer Fair That Was; Garden News A Time to Celebrate; Summer Fair Pictures; Second Half Club.

June 2019: Watery Thoughts; The End of the Beginning; Admission of Churchwardens; PCC Meeting; Summer Fair; Queen Victoria Faith Lace & Linen; Choral Scholars; Sing to Live; Time Piece; Art Installations in the Venice Ghetto.

May 2019: Worshiping & Proclaiming the Good News; In Praise of Maundy Thursday; Beating the Bounds of the Parish; Ways of Receiving the Clarion; Summer Fair; Westminster Abbey Events; Churches of the Arctic North; Famous Stories Then and Now; Thank You from Christine Kyle; Our Sunday School; Two Ways to Reach Out in Service; Christian Aid Week.

April 2019: Reaching Out in Service; Recipe for Inner Peace; Butter Lambs; Holy Week & Easter services; Summer Fair; Stewardship Campaign; Capernaum Film for our Time; Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin; Rembrandt’s Elephant; Second Half Club.

March 2019: I Invite You to the Observance of a Holy Lent; Rooted in Faith with Openness of Thought; Ash Wednesday; APCM; Modern Slavery in London: Diocese of London Lent Appeal; Summer Fair; Teach a Man to Fish; Help St Marys to Help Others; Lent Course; Jargon Buster; Sunday School News; Out in the Garden; Electoral Roll; Works in the Garden.

February 2019: Rooted in Faith; News from Family Friends; 2019 Charities; Jargon Buster; WWI Memorial Window; World Day of Prayer; The Devil’s Beatitudes; Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries at Westminster Abbey; Peter Pan a Sunday School Adventure; Lent Group 2019; Intercession Training; PCC Report; Stewardship Campaign; Electoral Roll.

Dec 2018-Jan 2019: The Christmas Advert; Reflections on a Picture of the Nativity; Christmas Pie; Advent 2018; PCC Report; The Darkness Deepens; Order of the British Empire; Jargon Buster; 2019 Charities; Brown Envelopes Going Green; Sunday Forum 2019; Second Half Club; Book Review; Holding & Being Held.

November 2018: Creative; We are All Individuals; I was Hungry & You Fed Me; Harvest at Paint Pots; MacMillan Coffee Morning; In Flanders Fields the Poppies Blow; Franciscans International; Jargon Buster; Christmas Cards for Sale; There But Not There; Silent Prayer; Glass Door Sleep Out.

October 2018: Compassionate; Harvest Thanksgiving; Report from the PCC; PCC Away Day; Tribute to Anne Garten; Poem for Anne; Jargon Buster; Second Half Club; Charity Suggestions; News from Family Friends; The Verger is Sleeping Out; Excitement of Being a Warden; Adult Learning at St Pauls.

September 2018: Confident; Creation of Adam; Hugh Beech; God and I on Holiday; Baroque Room & a Free Taster; Words from American Strangers; Journey to Thailand; Easy & Simple Appeal; A General Thanksgiving; Confident; Lonely Vicar Seeks Servers; Jargon Buster; Gold in the Church Garden; Book Review; Lifeboats Concert.

July-August 2018: Confidence Creativity Compassion; Summer Fair Result; Update on Charities; Writing for the Clarion; The Clarion New Thinking; Brompton Cemetery Restoration Project; New Monasticism; Jargon Buster; Maytree.

June 2018: Trinity; Summer Fair; Lace & Faith; Mary Blessed Mary; Grenfell Tower Anniversary; Who was Jesus’ Father V; Book Review – Happiness; Jargon Buster – Acolyte; Christian Aid Week; PCC Minutes May; New Bishop for London.

May 2018: After a Year at St Marys; Confirmation at St Paul’s Cathedral; Jargon Buster; Annual Meeting; Who Was Jesus’ Father IV; Monday Morning Book Group; Book Review; Host a Charity Meal; Reminder from the Charities Committee; Christian Aid; Sarah Mullally in Conversation; Summer Fair; Ismena Collective; Upcoming in May;

April 2018: Love Lives Again; APCM: Confirmation & Baptisms at Easter; Sister Wendy on Craigie Aitchison Memorial Window; Safeguarding; Christian Aid; Summer Fair; Who was Jesus’ Father III; Trip to Russia 2004; Jargon-Buster; Six Wednesdays with Paul; Lent Book Experience; Women’s World Day of Prayer; There But Not There; New Ways.

March 2018: Passiontide and Easter: the Great Drama; Lenten Reminder; Holy Week and Easter Services; Confirmations and Easter Vigil; Mothering Sunday; Choral Scholarship Programme; Edward Quinton; The Arctic Cathedral; Who was Jesus’ Father II; Passing On; The Harrowing of Hell.

February 2018: Lent at St Marys; Christmas Stories II; Public Events; Confirmation Preparation; Even Non-Believers Pray; Bill Kirkpatrick RIP; PCC Meeting; Letter from Jane Dass.

December 2017 – January 2018: Getting Ready for Christmas; Getting Ready for Advent; A Child’s Essay on Advent; Who was Jesus’ Father I; Thomas Parsons; Charities for 2018; Visit to MediCinema; Theatre on our Doorstep; Monday Morning Book Group; Clare Ziegler.

November 2017: Remembering; Special Services in November; Getting Ready for Advent; Our New Parish Administrator; Christmas Stories I; Public Events; Being Christian: A Review: Will Aid Month; Two Concerts at St Marys; Glass Door.

October 2017: Christian Nurture; Come Ye Thankful People Come; The Sunday School; Thomas Traherne; Jane Austen; Interfaith Service at Bad Pyrmont; Update on Grenfell Tower Fund; Just Finance and You; Quaint Saints – Maccabees.

September 2017: From the Vicar; 2018 Charities; Opportunities for Study & Fellowship; Harvest Thanksgiving; Music at St Marys; London Diocesan Synod; How to Read the Bible; Windsor Hill Wood; Volunteering with Friends of Brompton Cemetery; Museum of Brands Packaging & Advertising; Westminster Abbey Pilgrimage.

July-August 2017: The Praises of God; The Summer Fair; Toilet Twinning; St Cuthbert’s Centre; Grenfell Tower Tragedy; How to Read the Bible XI; Silent Prayer; Concert for a Summer Evening.

June 2017: From the Vicar; Sunday School Welcome; St Marys & Two Interregnums; Summer Fair; Traffic; PCC Report; New PCC Members; How to Read the Bible IX; Churchwardens Annual Visitation.

May 2017: Easter Journey; A Warm Welcome; Julian of Norwich; How to Read the Bible VIII; The Temple Church; Church Governance; Summer Fair; Out in the Garden.

April 2017: Partnership; Holy Week & Easter Services; How to Read the Bible VII; Adrian Martineau; 2016 Charitable Pot; Summer Fair; A Geriatric Valentine.

March 2017: Lent and its Practice; Bishop of London’s Farewell; Mass of St Benedict; History of Mother’s Day; Arts 4 Dementia Speaker; Women’s World Day of Prayer; How to Read the Bible VI; Ivy Rogers RIP; Programme for Lent.

February 2017: Christmas Gifts?; The Ven Sheila Watson; Earls Court Community Project; Women’s World Day of Prayer; How to Read the Bible V; From Diocese of London’s Ministry Matters.

December 2016 – January 2017: Ride the Crest of the Wave or Harness its Power; Remembrance Service; Tower Installation Update; First Charity Meal; Earls Court Community Project; Glass Door Charity; How to Read the Bible IV; Tim Raphael RIP.

November 2016: Remembrance Dedication & Harvest; Sam our new Parish Administrator; A November Saint; What the Black Angel Sees; How to Read the Bible III; Capital Vision 2020.

October 2016: Ponder This; Interregnum Update; Report from the Parochial Church Council; Thank You to Our Churchwardens; How to Read the Bible II; Forgiveness; Silent Prayer; Diocesan Notices.

September 2016: From the Church Wardens; Harvest Festival Event; Background to Creationtide; Holiday Churches; How Should we Read the Bible I; Charity Proposal 2017; Hosting a Charity Meal; Betty Parr; London Diocesan Synod; Silent Prayer; Malcolm Goddard; Open Air Cinema.

July-August 2016: From the Church Wardens; New Members of the PCC; The Summer Fair; Forgiveness of Sins; Letter from Alex; Season of Trinity.

June 2016: The Offertory; Summer Fair Charities; Farewell to John McVeigh; Meaning of the Cross Part III; Wintershall Life of Christ.

May 2016: “Thy Kingdom Come”; Lent Offerings – A Thank You; Arts 4 Dementia; Summer Fair; Out in the Garden; APCM; Meaning of the Cross Part II.

April 2016: Resurrection; Farewell Party for John McVeigh; Brompton Cemetery; Summer Fair; Archbishop’s Letter; Faith Pictures; Arts 4 Dementia; The Meaning of the Cross for Today Part I.

March 2016: Entering into the Drama of the Passion; Stewardship Campaign; Is There a Gospel for the Rich?; A Tribute to Jeremy Morse; Christ Crucified II; Church Credit Champions Network; Louise O’Brien – Angel of Compassion.

February 2016: A Rule of Life; Pancake Party; Lent Course; Prayers on the Move; Come & Sing; Womens World Day of Prayer; Later Life Matters; Brompton Cemetery’s Good News; Les Miserables at St Marys; CPAS Venture Holidays; Christ Crucified I.

December 2015-January 2016: What You Thought; Ken Howard Painting; A Good Read for Advent; In Memory of Pat Schleger; Bishop Graham; Mercy III; Rebuild My House from Fr Raniero Cantalamessa.

November 2015: Holiday; How I Came to St Marys; Advent Course; Memories of War; Bridge Afternoon; Lament of  a Technophobe; Mercy II

October 2015: Challenge of Hospitality; Will Aid Month; Capital Mass; Open Age; God of Our Deepest Prayer III.

September 2015: From the New Vicar; Appeal from Charity Committee; Sleep Out so Others Don’t Have To; Invitation from Bishop of London; God of Our Deepest Prayer II.

July-August 2015: The Journey’s End & Beginning; In Memory of Darling June; Thursday Lunch; What Brought Us to St Marys; Summer Fair; God of Our Deepest Prayer; Visiting Clergy.

June 2015: Trinity & Blessings; Summer Fair appeal; What Brought Me to St Marys; Worshiping Away from Home; Creator God Part III; Danae Eleni; Anne Swift & Portobello Market.

May 2015: Bishop Michael Marshall on Pentecost; Memories of VE Day; Report of the APCM; Creator God Part II.

April 2015: Reflections on the Empty Tomb; June Brudenell; Student Hub; Women’s World Day of Prayer; Creater God Part I; Medic Malawi.

March 2015: Canon David Tann on Holy Week; Fair Trade Fortnight; Francis and the Sultan; Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday?; Bishops Pastoral Letter

February 2015: Ash Wednesday & Lent; Interregnum Update; Lent Course; Women’s World Day of Prayer; Giving in Lent; Vision & Knowledge