2715198_9b10f4e1Baptism is the rite by which we become Christians.

Infant Baptism

We would love to welcome you and your child to St Mary’s for Baptism. Anyone who lives in the parish is entitled to have their child baptised at St Mary’s. We will also be pleased to baptise your child if you have a connection with St Mary’s, and we will seek the goodwill of your own parish priest before we do so. To find out whether you live in the parish, please click here. ( The Church of England recommends that Baptisms take place during the main Sunday service and so we offer this on the 2nd Sunday of the Month. If it would be difficult for all your guests to get there on time, we can offer baptism services at different times, where, as with the main Sunday service, there may be other families whose children are being baptised. Our organist fee for these services is £110. If you are a regular member of St Mary’s it may be possible to hold the baptism on a different day or time, again with a separate fee for the organist.

To arrange a baptism the first step is to join us for worship and have a word with a Warden after the service.

If your child has been baptised outside of the main Sunday service, we’ll invite you to attend the 10.30 service within a few weeks so that your child can be welcomed to St Mary’s by the church family. The Sunday when this take place is usually chosen to coincide with a Sunday when our pre-school “Little Lambs” meet so that if you prefer, you and your child may attend Little Lambs fothe first half of the service and then you’ll come into the main service later on for the welcome.

After the welcome you’re free to return to Little Lambs or remain in church.  You may also wish to use the room at the back of the church where there are toys and books for children and you can listen to the service.


Adult Baptism

Adults who have not been baptised are prepared for both Baptism and Confirmation: please see our Vicar for more details and information about preparation for Confirmation.

For more information regarding Baptism, please click below: