The Clarion is the monthly magazine of the parish of St Mary the Boltons.

The magazine has news about the month ahead in the parish and occasional articles by the vicar and members of the congregation.  We discuss the future, and how we can use the Church for God’s purpose.  Contributions to the Clarion should be emailed to the Parish Office by the third week of the month.

July-August 2018: Confidence Creativity Compassion; Summer Fair Result; Update on Charities; Writing for the Clarion; The Clarion New Thinking; Brompton Cemetery Restoration Project; New Monasticism; Jargon Buster; Maytree.

June 2018: Trinity; Summer Fair; Lace & Faith; Mary Blessed Mary; Grenfell Tower Anniversary; Who was Jesus’ Father V; Book Review – Happiness; Jargon Buster – Acolyte; Christian Aid Week; PCC Minutes May; New Bishop for London.

May 2018: After a Year at St Marys; Confirmation at St Paul’s Cathedral; Jargon Buster; Annual Meeting; Who Was Jesus’ Father IV; Monday Morning Book Group; Book Review; Host a Charity Meal; Reminder from the Charities Committee; Christian Aid; Sarah Mullally in Conversation; Summer Fair; Ismena Collective; Upcoming in May;

April 2018: Love Lives Again; APCM: Confirmation & Baptisms at Easter; Sister Wendy on Craigie Aitchison Memorial Window; Safeguarding; Christian Aid; Summer Fair; Who was Jesus’ Father III; Trip to Russia 2004; Jargon-Buster; Six Wednesdays with Paul; Lent Book Experience; Women’s World Day of Prayer; There But Not There; New Ways.

March 2018: Passiontide and Easter: the Great Drama; Lenten Reminder; Holy Week and Easter Services; Confirmations and Easter Vigil; Mothering Sunday; Choral Scholarship Programme; Edward Quinton; The Arctic Cathedral; Who was Jesus’ Father II; Passing On; The Harrowing of Hell.

February 2018: Lent at St Marys; Christmas Stories II; Public Events; Confirmation Preparation; Even Non-Believers Pray; Bill Kirkpatrick RIP; PCC Meeting; Letter from Jane Dass.

December 2017 – January 2018: Getting Ready for Christmas; Getting Ready for Advent; A Child’s Essay on Advent; Who was Jesus’ Father I; Thomas Parsons; Charities for 2018; Visit to MediCinema; Theatre on our Doorstep; Monday Morning Book Group; Clare Ziegler.

November 2017: Remembering; Special Services in November; Getting Ready for Advent; Our New Parish Administrator; Christmas Stories I; Public Events; Being Christian: A Review: Will Aid Month; Two Concerts at St Marys; Glass Door.

October 2017: Christian Nurture; Come Ye Thankful People Come; The Sunday School; Thomas Traherne; Jane Austen; Interfaith Service at Bad Pyrmont; Update on Grenfell Tower Fund; Just Finance and You; Quaint Saints – Maccabees.

September 2017: From the Vicar; 2018 Charities; Opportunities for Study & Fellowship; Harvest Thanksgiving; Music at St Marys; London Diocesan Synod; How to Read the Bible; Windsor Hill Wood; Volunteering with Friends of Brompton Cemetery; Museum of Brands Packaging & Advertising; Westminster Abbey Pilgrimage.

July-August 2017: The Praises of God; The Summer Fair; Toilet Twinning; St Cuthbert’s Centre; Grenfell Tower Tragedy; How to Read the Bible XI; Silent Prayer; Concert for a Summer Evening.

June 2017: From the Vicar; Sunday School Welcome; St Marys & Two Interregnums; Summer Fair; Traffic; PCC Report; New PCC Members; How to Read the Bible IX; Churchwardens Annual Visitation.

May 2017: Easter Journey; A Warm Welcome; Julian of Norwich; How to Read the Bible VIII; The Temple Church; Church Governance; Summer Fair; Out in the Garden.

April 2017: Partnership; Holy Week & Easter Services; How to Read the Bible VII; Adrian Martineau; 2016 Charitable Pot; Summer Fair; A Geriatric Valentine.

March 2017: Lent and its Practice; Bishop of London’s Farewell; Mass of St Benedict; History of Mother’s Day; Arts 4 Dementia Speaker; Women’s World Day of Prayer; How to Read the Bible VI; Ivy Rogers RIP; Programme for Lent.

February 2017: Christmas Gifts?; The Ven Sheila Watson; Earls Court Community Project; Women’s World Day of Prayer; How to Read the Bible V; From Diocese of London’s Ministry Matters.

December 2016 – January 2017: Ride the Crest of the Wave or Harness its Power; Remembrance Service; Tower Installation Update; First Charity Meal; Earls Court Community Project; Glass Door Charity; How to Read the Bible IV; Tim Raphael RIP.

November 2016: Remembrance Dedication & Harvest; Sam our new Parish Administrator; A November Saint; What the Black Angel Sees; How to Read the Bible III; Capital Vision 2020.

October 2016: Ponder This; Interregnum Update; Report from the Parochial Church Council; Thank You to Our Churchwardens; How to Read the Bible II; Forgiveness; Silent Prayer; Diocesan Notices.

September 2016: From the Church Wardens; Harvest Festival Event; Background to Creationtide; Holiday Churches; How Should we Read the Bible I; Charity Proposal 2017; Hosting a Charity Meal; Betty Parr; London Diocesan Synod; Silent Prayer; Malcolm Goddard; Open Air Cinema.

July-August 2016: From the Church Wardens; New Members of the PCC; The Summer Fair; Forgiveness of Sins; Letter from Alex; Season of Trinity.

June 2016: The Offertory; Summer Fair Charities; Farewell to John McVeigh; Meaning of the Cross Part III; Wintershall Life of Christ.

May 2016: “Thy Kingdom Come”; Lent Offerings – A Thank You; Arts 4 Dementia; Summer Fair; Out in the Garden; APCM; Meaning of the Cross Part II.

April 2016: Resurrection; Farewell Party for John McVeigh; Brompton Cemetery; Summer Fair; Archbishop’s Letter; Faith Pictures; Arts 4 Dementia; The Meaning of the Cross for Today Part I.

March 2016: Entering into the Drama of the Passion; Stewardship Campaign; Is There a Gospel for the Rich?; A Tribute to Jeremy Morse; Christ Crucified II; Church Credit Champions Network; Louise O’Brien – Angel of Compassion.

February 2016: A Rule of Life; Pancake Party; Lent Course; Prayers on the Move; Come & Sing; Womens World Day of Prayer; Later Life Matters; Brompton Cemetery’s Good News; Les Miserables at St Marys; CPAS Venture Holidays; Christ Crucified I.

December 2015-January 2016: What You Thought; Ken Howard Painting; A Good Read for Advent; In Memory of Pat Schleger; Bishop Graham; Mercy III; Rebuild My House from Fr Raniero Cantalamessa.

November 2015: Holiday; How I Came to St Marys; Advent Course; Memories of War; Bridge Afternoon; Lament of  a Technophobe; Mercy II

October 2015: Challenge of Hospitality; Will Aid Month; Capital Mass; Open Age; God of Our Deepest Prayer III.

September 2015: From the New Vicar; Appeal from Charity Committee; Sleep Out so Others Don’t Have To; Invitation from Bishop of London; God of Our Deepest Prayer II.

July-August 2015: The Journey’s End & Beginning; In Memory of Darling June; Thursday Lunch; What Brought Us to St Marys; Summer Fair; God of Our Deepest Prayer; Visiting Clergy.

June 2015: Trinity & Blessings; Summer Fair appeal; What Brought Me to St Marys; Worshiping Away from Home; Creator God Part III; Danae Eleni; Anne Swift & Portobello Market.

May 2015: Bishop Michael Marshall on Pentecost; Memories of VE Day; Report of the APCM; Creator God Part II.

April 2015: Reflections on the Empty Tomb; June Brudenell; Student Hub; Women’s World Day of Prayer; Creater God Part I; Medic Malawi.

March 2015: Canon David Tann on Holy Week; Fair Trade Fortnight; Francis and the Sultan; Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday?; Bishops Pastoral Letter

February 2015: Ash Wednesday & Lent; Interregnum Update; Lent Course; Women’s World Day of Prayer; Giving in Lent; Vision & Knowledge

December 2014-January 2015: Christmas Greetings from the Bishop of Kensington; Christmas Services; Interregnum Update; Christmas Buns; Talking to Myself?

November 2014: Remembrance Sunday – Love Your Enemy?; Interregnum Update; Advent Discussions; Jeremy Taylor; All Saints Tudeley.

October 2014: A Time of Preparation; Al Ahli Hospital Gaza; Ageing; Sleep Out so Others don’t Have To; Taize Services.

September 2014: From the Church Wardens; Prayer for the Interregnum; Chapter 1 one year on; Thank You from Ginny; 2015 Charitable Pot.

July-August 2014: A History of My Ministry in Seven Objects; Services in the Interregnum; Sunday Flowers; Recommended Reading; Giving at St Marys; After the Summer Fair; Moving to the Tews & Heythrop; John Wycliffe

June 2014: In the footsteps of St Francis & St Benedict; Naomi Blake – Dedication in Sculpture; Many thanks for your generosity; What is the link between a £50 note and the moon?

May 2014: A Time to Come & a Time to Leave; Summer Fair is Coming; Christian Aid Week; New PCC Members; Richard Hooker; Easter in Honduras; Passion & Easter Music.

April 2014: Journeying from Palm Sunday to Easter; Summer Fair is Coming; Lancelot Andrewes; Simnel Cake Recipe; Anton Chekhov.

March 2014: Fasting & Feasting in Lent; Books for Lent; Fair Trade Fortnight; Women’s World Day of Prayer; A Visit to Sunday School.

February 2014: Lent Discussion Groups; Feast of Dedication at Westminster Abbey; Thomas Traherne; Visiting Assisi; Women’s World Day of Prayer.

December 2013: 12 Days of Christmas; Books for Advent; Reflection for All Souls’ Day; Reflections from a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land;

November 2013: Counting down to Advent and Christmas; Planned Giving 2013; Some recollections from the Holy Land; Forgive us our trespasses; Money in the New Testament.

October 2013: Responding to God’s Generosity; Our Website; New Hymn Books; West London Churches Homeless Concern; Approaching Death – Exploring the End of Life; Ruth’s Thank You; Francis of Assisi; Obituary of Yolande Whittal; Delights of Slow Travel.

September 2013: Being a worshiping and welcoming community; Ancient and Modern; How to Read the New Testament; Parish Quiet Day; Dorothy Patrick; Out in the Garden; Charitable Giving; Who would true valour see.

July – August: Capital Vision 2020; Four years and nine months at St Mary’s; Sustainability; Parish Ministry; ‘How to be a better believer’; some thoughts in response to Hugh Beach’s articles in The Clarion.

June 2013: The Power of Quiet; St Mary The Boltons Summer Fair; Chaplain to the Mayor; An exciting new opportunity for Ruth; Introducing a broader choice of hymns at St Mary’s.

May 2013: Annual Parochial Church Meeting; New PCC members; Children’s choir; New St Mary’s website; Summer Fair; Flower Arrangers Extraordinaires; Practical Christianity; The Inauguration of the new Archbishop; the Church garden; How to be a better believer; Thursday Lunch Meeting Report; Trip to Waldsassen; Confirmation Classes.

April 2013: How to be a better believer; Visit to Waldsassen, Germany, 11-15 March; Craigie Aitchison Memorial Window: Have you ever wondered where the glass was made?; A visit to Flossenbürg Concentration Camp; The Kindness of Strangers; How I cook my lamb for the Parish Lunch; Thursday Lunch Meeting Report of 14 March: SMART; Summer Fair; St Paul’s Cathedral: The Mind of the Maker; Being Martha, Being Mary; When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.

March 2013: From Lent to Easter: from darkness to light; Electoral Roll 2013; Women’s World Day of Prayer; Fairtrade Fortnight; Faith and certainty; Homelessness Sunday; A study in how to be dead; Some (further) thoughts on Death; Jo Swinney, God Hunting. A diary of spiritual discovery (book review); Thursday Lunch Meeting: ‘Songs for Spring’; Canadian Chicken Recipe; Daily Bible Reading Guides; Quaint saints; Silent Prayer Group; The Quiet Garden; Hymn: My song is love unknown.

February 2013: including Why don’t they practice what they preach?; Lent Programme 2013; Holocaust Memorial Day; Electoral Roll 2013; Fairtrade Fortnight; Women’s World Day of Prayer; Book Review The Heart’s Time; A Poem a Day for Lent and Easter by Janet Morley and Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver; Thursday Lunch Meeting Report: Readings by Paul and Clare Williamson; Dietrich Bonhöffer; Switch on to the new national energy saving audit.

December 2012 & January 2013: ‘The Word became flesh and dwelt among us’; Books for prayer and reflection; Forty-eight Hours in Poland; Despair and Joy… Thursday Lunch Meeting Report: Chelsea Theatre and Community Centre; Christmas Outreach: Sponsor a Turkey; Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop, 1489-1556; Children’s Heart Federation; A summer to be remembered (in Brazil); PCC Updates; Christmas Cake recipe; Hark The Herald Angels Sing; Book review Jonathan Sacks, Genesis: the book of beginnings. Covenant and Conversation; A fact for each day of January 2011

Pre 2013 Archive

October 2012: Planned Giving Programme 2012; Recommended Reading; Quiet Day Saturday 20 October; Harvest Festival Lunch; Barrow Hill at the Finborough Theatre; A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land; St Nicholas Table Top Sale 13 October; Is the Church of England too Protestant?; Forum of Faiths Treasure Hunt; Putting Age on the Agenda; Brothers and Sisters; Faith Gordon to preach at St Mary’s on 21 October; Christmas Tree Decoration Workshop; Concert and reception in aid of RNLI; Thursday Lunch Meeting Report: proposals for Earls Court redevelopment; Proposed changes to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

September 2012: ‘Stir up the gift of God that is within you’; Harvest Festival; The new Director of Music John Ward introduces himself; Patronal Festival; New Foodbank for Kensington & Chelsea; Quiet Day Saturday 20 October; Bible Study Groups; Spiritual Solace in Waldsassen?; Road Race Water for Life!; Roman Saturdays; Letter to the Editor: This is a response to Verena Tschudin’s article in the July-August Clarion; Why not write for Clarion?; Back from the holidays; Archbishop Matthew Parker; Autumn Concert and Reception; Bugs and buzzards; Three Services in a Day; Forum of Faiths Treasure Hunt; Sustainability Group Top Tip; Proposed changes to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

July / August 2012: Sixteen Days of Glory – the London Olympics; Goodbye to Graham Caldbeck; New Church Warden and PCC Members; John Ward, our new Director of Music; Jack Dunn’s ordination as Priest; Faith Walks; ‘This is the word of the Lord’ Hospital Chaplains; All the fun of the Fair; Recycled Fair; Sunday school and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; Sustainability Group Top Tip: the exhibition ‘Waste Not’ by the Chinese artist Song Dong; Praying on the move; The Thirty-nine Articles.

June 2012: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; The Big Jubilee Lunch; Art Exhibition; Summer Fair; Graham Caldbeck leaves St Mary’s and a report of his lunchtime talk; The new Lectern window – a description, how it was made and how it was put in place; Fulham News; What is Heaven?; ‘Super Confis’; Reaching Beyond; Confirmation.

May 2012: The Vicar’s Remarks at the APCM; The Craigie Aitchison Memorial Window; May Beswick celebrates her 100th birthday; St Paul’s Cathedral Sunday Forum; The Book of Common Prayer; The Big Jubilee Lunch; The Great Garden Adventure; St Mary The Boltons Summer Fair; Art Exhibition; Confirmation.

April 2012: The Easter Vigil and the Exsultet; Electoral Roll; Christian atheism; Craigie Aitchison Memorial Window; A visit to the glass factory in Waldsassen; The paintings of Craigie Aitchison; Sustainability Top Tip; The Big Jubilee Lunch; Lunch Meeting Report: On the Beat, by Jayme Johnson; Summer Fair preview Saturday, 16 June; Art Exhibition at St Mary’s.

March 2012: St Mary The Boltons: rooted in faith ~ open in thought ~ reaching out in service; The PCC’s action plan for the year; Lent Course: Exploring Prayer; Compline in Lent; Women’s World Day of Prayer; Fairtrade Fortnight and Traidcraft; Holy Week last year; Art Exhibition; Stephen Bartlett, 1939-2012; Behind the Scenes: John McVeigh’s Thursday Lunch Meeting talk; When I Survey the Wondrous Cross; Who is St David?

February 2012: Mindfulness and Lent; Lent Course 2012: Exploring Prayer; Fairtrade Fortnight; Women’s World Day of Prayer; Planned Giving Programme 2011; Thursday Lunch Meeting Report: Remembrance of Christmases Past; Remember: the Crib Service, Christmas Nine Lessons and Carols Service; The Tables of the Moneychangers; My Christmas Morning Swim; February Top Tip; Art Exhibition; Street Pastors; Report from the PCC.

December 2011 / January 2012: Rethinking Christmas: what does a ‘good’ Christmas look like in 2011?; Winter Fuel Payment; A Sermon in stone; Quaint Saints; Banking on hunger; The Big Give; ‘Storybook Dads; The Lifeboats Come to St Mary’s; Old Mobiles for a New Sound System; Sustainability Group Top Tip: Gas versus Electricity; Art Exhibition: June 2012.

November 2011: What price love? – the sermon preached on 23 October; ‘The Padre’. A brief recollection and appreciation from a Thursday lunch guest; The Prayer Network; Trials of a Halo; Kaija Lukas, the soloist at the Remembrance Sunday service; Letters of Thanks; Sustainability Group Top Tip; St Mary’s Quiz Night report; Art Exhibition next June; Advent Discussion Groups: Rethinking Christmas.

October 2011: The Grace of Giving: Planned-Giving Programme 2011; Obituaries: Betty Greenland and Patricia Vincent; Life Inside: the work of the Independent Monitoring Board; Meaningful Chocolate Fair Trade Tree Decorations; Art Exhibition; New Horizons: The Multi-Activity Centre for the Over-50s; A favourite Bible passage: Romans 8. 18-39; A thank you from the International Centre for Nursing Ethics.

September 2011: Emergency4London; Anne Swift explains “Why I love St Mary’s Church”; Housing Benefit Caps – the local impact; Celebrating the King James Bible; Debates and Talks at St Paul’s Cathedral and St Martin-in-the Fields; Does God approve of genocide?; Be Still Before God: more about Taizé Storybook Dads; Charitable Giving: nominations for our 2012 programme.

July-August 2011: The Big Society: Theological, and Quarries, and life in SW10 and SW5; Accounting rules or investment principles: who wins? Can you be a Christian and also believe in Just War theory? Thursday Lunch Meeting Report: ‘Allotment Notebook’ by Edwina Sassoon; Moving on: Mari, Angham, Uola, Masara and Salam; Celebrating the King James Bible; The Boltons Little Big Lunch and recipe for Robin’s Swedish Bread; Summer Fair report and photographs; The University of Life; Sustainability Group Top Tip for July and August; Summer Fair Profits, Charitable Giving in 2011, and Nominations for 2012; Faith, Fellowship and Friends; The Great Garden Adventure Report; Chopin, Nine Years with Sand.

June 2011: From Easter to Ascension Day to Pentecost; The Summer Fair; Christian Aid Week; The Boltons Little Big Lunch; Confirmation; PCC Report; Age Concern and what ir does; Celebrating the King James Bible.

May 2011: Christ is Risen Life is Made Free!; St Mary The Boltons Summer Fair; Christian Aid Week; Report of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting; The Great Garden Adventure; What did you do in Lent?; Luca Pacioli and the Credit Crunch; The Boltons Little Big Lunch; Confirmation.

April 2011: Looking forward to Easter; St Mary The Boltons Summer Fair; Community Engagement Lunch; Report of Fairtrade Wine tasting; Earl’s Court Festival 2011; Sir Jeremy Morse at the Thursday Lunch Meeting; Sustainability Group Top Tip; Lent Poems.

March 2011: I Count! – the 2011 Census and Counting as citizens of the Kingdom of God and members of the Church; Lent Course; The Crown, the Church and the State; Taizé Prayer at St. Mary’s; ‘An Anglican Abroad’ with Anita Dowbiggin (report of Thursday lunch talk); Hildegard of Bingen; St Mary The Boltons Little Big Lunch; ‘Out of the Box’ – the drama group from the New Horizons Activity Centre.

February 2011: Bicycling with God; Fairtrade fortnight; Lent Course; An Introduction to Praying the Ignatian Way; The King James Bible; Marcus Smith at December’s Thursday Lunch Club; Impressions of Afghanistan; Quirky Things in ‘A Picture of Our Community’; Gift Aid; Anita Bowbiggins’ 90th Birthday.

December 2010 – January 2011: No Room in the Inn; Advent Discussion Groups; Eco-Congregation Award; Advent We know who is coming, but where are we going?; Behind the hymn O Little Town of Bethlehem; PCC Updates

November 2011: Coming back from sabattical; The Institution and Induction of Ginny as Vicar; The Camino de Santiago – The Way of St. James; Advent Discussion Groups; report; the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza, an update; Will aid scheme; Four years as verger; Music for Remembrance Sunday.

October 2010: All Things Bright and Beautiful; One year in: a reflection on training for ordination by Jack Dunn; The Oberammergau Passion Play; Life as a member of the Third Order of the Society of St Francis; A day trip in Greece; Thursday Lunch with Jonathan Aitken (report).

September 2010: Ruth Lampard’s sermon on Women Bishops; The Church Garden; The Smart Meter; The Great Garden Adventure; Prison Fellowship; Franciscan Tertiaries at St Marys; Salisbury Impressions.

July/August 2010: Summer Holidays – Rest and Recreation; Confirmation; sermon preached by Rev Dr Marsha Fowler on the theme of Redemption; Spring Art Exhibition; Summer Fair report, and where the money goes; Farm Sunday; Samantha Smith’s Memories of St Mary’s;Franciscan Tertiaries at St Mary’s.

June 2010: Ginny takes a sabattical; Summer Fair; Art Exhibition; Edward Reynolds and the General Thanksgiving; the Metro Bank — report of the May Thursday Lunch; Psalm 107; Franciscan Tertiraies at St Mary’s; Parish Outing to Salisbury; PCC Report; Treasures Lambeth Palace Library.

May 2010: Annual Parochial Church Meeting; Ginny to become Vicar of St Mary’s; New members of St. Mary’s PCC; Christian Aid Week at St Marys; Summer Fair; Art Exhibition; Sustainability Group Top Tip for May; Open Farm Sunday; Parish Outing to Salisbury; Edward Reynolds and the General Thanksgiving; Poems from St Cuthbert With St Mathias School.

April 2010: Easter Joy – becoming messengers of God’s comfort!; Advance notice of Art Exhibition and Summer Fair; Sunday School: Mothering Sunday poems; Christian Aid Week at St Marys, and Katie Seal, our preacher during the week; Earthquake in Chile, a report from Camila Ruz; Farm Sunday; Up Before the Lark; Admission of Patricia Vincent to the Order of Bernardo O’Higgins.

March 2010: Journeying through Lent; On retreat; Rev. Dr. John Hughes and Holy Week; Where do you come from?; Environmentalist of the Year’ Award to ex-curate Geoff Davies; In a Foreign Land; Green Group Top Tip; What’s on in the natural world?

February 2010: Our Lent Course Comfort for Lent, Books to read in Lent; The Revd Ian James, visiting preacher; What’s in a Will; Just War?; Reports of PCC meetings on 26 November and 21 January; Sermin: The Baptism of Christ; Rev. Dr John Hughes, our Holy Week preacher; Charities Committee recommendations.

December 2009 / January 2010: Our Christmas services – Touching Heaven, Changing Earth; Babette’s Feast; Malcolm Goddard’s lunch talk ‘What have I learned as a member of the Fabric Group’; Al Ahli Hospital, Gaza update; FairTrade; Confirmation at St Paul’s; Collection bags and Gift Aid.

November 2009: Caring for Creation; Advent Discussion Groups; The Environment – Top 5 Tips; Recent work at St Saviours; John Donne – poet and preacher; Charitable donations in 2009; A Christian Response towards Global Warming and Climate Changing.

October 2009: Harvest Festival; Deanery Synod meeting and the Chelsea Academy; Miles Coverdale, the psalms and prayer; Malcolm Connell’s talk about the Earls Court Festival; Why do the clocks go back?

September 2009: St. Mary’s: Past, Present and Future; Jack Dunn: an Ordinand at St. Mary The Boltons; ‘Leading Change, Building Healthier Nations’ conference report; The Big Lunch (report); Praising God in the sound of the hang drum and acoustic guitar; Community Audit; Back to Church Sunday.

July/August 2009: An Opportunity to Think about Lying and Cheating; St Mary’s Pilgrimage to Umbria; Result of our Stewardship Campaign; Shrinking the Footprint; ‘Peace offerings’; Pilgrimage to Winchester Cathedral; The Calming of the Storm and Summer Fair report.

June 2009: Stewardship Campaign report; St Mary’s Summer Fair; The Festivity of Jesus; PCC Report; Evan Davis; The St Mary’s Children’s Party; Treasures at St Mary’s; and Ready, Steady, Grow! for The Big Lunch.

May 2009: Stewardship Campaign; extract from Ginny’s report to the APCM; The Lord’s Prayer; Risk takers needed in the City; Christian Aid Week at St Marys; Welcome Sermon from Bishop Paul Williams; Vincent Van Gogh: A Stranger and a Pilgrim.

April 2009: St. Mary’s Stewardship and Financial Campaign 2009-2012; The Empty Tomb: The Triumph of Easter; Thomas Traherne: a little-known metaphysical poet; Year’s Mind; What Easter means to me.

March 2009: A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land; What Lent means for me; Deanery Synod; The Abbot of Brno; Grow your own and more to share; Mojakwamoja; Stewardship Campaign Update.

February 2009: Counting down to Lent; A Christian Service in Turkey; Thursday Lunch Club; Sunday School News; PCC Update; Back to school; charitable donations

December 2008/January 2009: Science and Religion; Gerard Manley Hopkins; PCC Update.

November 2008: A welcome to Ruth Lampard, Associate Vicar and she introduces herself; Report on the Images of God sessions; a letter of thanks from Audrey Pine.

October 2008: Ruth Lampard appointed Associate Vicar; Update from Rose Wrigley; Behind the Hymn Dear Lord and Father of Mankind.

September 2008: Opportunities for Discussion; Images of God; Virtual Giving; Christians in Iraq.

July/August 2008: Summer Fair report; the poetry of Blake; John Ellerton, composer of The Day Thou Gavest; a new framework for our charitable giving.

June 2008: Pilgrimage to Toledo, Avila and Salamanca; Sunday School to sponsor a child; St Jude’s Update.

May 2008: Ginny Thomas’s remarks to the APCM; Gift Aid tax relief; Summer Fair, call for help.

April 2008: Gerald Beauchamp’s Sermon.

March 2008: Easter – A Champagne Event; The Bishop od London’s Lent Message; My sister Mari, an Iraqi refugee.

February 2008: Lent; Christian Zionism,

December 2007/January 2008: Preparing for Christmas; It wouldn’t be Christmas; report from Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City.

November 2007: a month for remembering; Lace and Faith; Just This Day; Gerald Beauchamp

October 2007: How Good is Your Hebrew?; For Creed and Creation.

September 2007: September: a new start; Harvest Festival; St Paul’s Institute.

August 2007: Summer Reading; Update on Al Ahli Hospital, Gaza; God’s Waiting Room? – a visit to Mary Smith Court.

July 2007: Summer Fair a great success; St Mary’s Pilgrimage holiday; Confirmation classes; A wedding in Zinbabwe; Change of Parish Administrator and Kensington Area Conference.

June 2007: Articles about Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza and the Arthritis Research Campaign, which are beneficiaries of the Summer Fair (Saturday June 23rd); Reading at St Cuthbert’s and a letter from Carole Sharpe.

May 2007: Report of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and articles on William Tyndale and Zero – Hans Schleger.

April 2007: Includes The Challenge of Easter by Ginny and advance notice of the Summer Fair (June 23)

March 2005: contains a piece from Suzanna Rust explaining how the icon of St John the Evangelist was prepared. This is the icon we will be sending to Gerald with our love and prayers.

February 2005: includes an update from Gerald which tells more about the new life he is leading

January 2005: includes Ginny’s review of Christmas and an article on the Magi by Mary Blanchet

December 2004: has notes on Ginny’s sermon on the first Sunday in Advent, and a report on a first at St Mary’s – a youth service, in which the whole service was presented by the teenagers in our Sunday Club. It also announces the publication of a new book about St Mary The Boltons.

November 2004: includes news of our prayer network and the theme for World AIDS day.

October 2004: includes Gerald’s farewell.

September 2004:includes John Harris’ obituary and a letter of thanks from Anne Swift for all the support she has received during her mother’s final illness. Also, as there are so many new contacts this month, we have included the back page to this month.

August 2004: includes more memories of the Russian pilgrimage and a report on money raised for the Children’s Society through our summer fair.

July 2004: includes news of the Russian pilgrimage and Richard Dowbiggin’s obituary.

June 2004: includes news of the appointments of a new Associate Vicar, the Revd Ginny Thomas, and our new Director of Music, Mr Graham Caldbeck.

May 2004: contains the news from our vicar, Gerald, that he is to leave St.Mary’s to test his vocation to the religious life at the Society of St.John the Evangelist in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Gerald explains how he has come to this decision. May’s issue also contains Aida Gowan’s obituary and a pastoral letter from the Bishop of London.

April 2004: information on the 1400th anniversary of the diocese of London, an update on the search for a new director of music, and more comments on the ‘inclusive church’ vote.